tondolo collection

It is quite an exceptional event when a large number of potteries tracked down all around Europe comes back to its original place of production to be preserved and admired inside a museum. This is exactly what happened in Laterza thanks to Riccardo Tondolo, a collector from Bari, who had been collecting majolicas made in Laterza from the wide national and international antiques markets for decades. Tondolo collection consists of 160 pieces, many of them particularly valuable. There are many big ornamental plates including the one with soldiers on horseback, dating back to the end of the XVII century and attributed to Angelo Antonio D’Alessandro, example of the illustrated style made in Laterza. There are also several drug jars, used to store medicinal herbs; holy water fonts, to decorate the private aristocratic residences; two-handled cups, soup tureens and footed trays meant to embellish the Neapolitan nobles’ tables and show off their wealth and the power of their families.

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