imbimbo collection

This collection is composed of 170 pieces of the best majolica made in Laterza, collected from different antiques markets and put together by Antonio Imbimbo and his sons, Davide and Claudio, with their specialised knowledge. These pieces belong to various periods in time: while those in “compendiario” style date back to the XVI century, others are examples of Laterza’s production in its heyday and date back to the end of the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century. The most relevant pieces of Imbimbo collection belong to the illustrated period; standing out among these is a big ornamental plate portraying the Conversion of Saint Paul, dating back to the early XVIII century. The collection shows a wide repertoire of decorations and shapes: ornamental plates, footed trays, drug jars, amphoras, holy water fonts, hand warmers; the decoration is mostly turquoise, with a pinch of orange yellow, copper green and manganese brown.

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